Palm Sunday, April 5, 2020

Palm Sunday April 5, 2020

In this time of uncertainty it is important to bring our fears before God enabling us to confess that we are afraid, for indeed we are. Let us confess our failures and our fears, first in silence:

Prayer of Confession

Eternal God of righteousness, we come in contrition,

For we try to rely on our own resources rather than trusting in you.

We are afraid, not just of the changing world around us, 

But of where our questions sometimes lead us. 

Troubled because the old answers no longer apply

We feel adrift as a ship without a rudder,

Help us, O God, to explore new ways of serving you

With hope and to be always open to your surprises.

We ask this in the name of him who lived to bring us hope,

Even Christ Jesus our Lord. Amen

As we confess before God and one another, know that God forgives us our failings, our fears, and our sins.

And we all say: Thanks be to God.

Prayer for the Day

Surround us, ever present and loving Spirit, with your word;

Remind us that when all else fails, your word is constant in our                  lives.

Although evil may be present in the world, may we have faith 

That your love will be triumphant and justice will reign. 

Enable us, we pray, to overcome evil with good

And empower us to bring your vision of peace to the world.

In the name of him who shares your peace with us 

Even Christ Jesus our Lord. Amen

Thoughts for the Day

Sabbath observance invites us to stop. It invites us to rest. It asks us to notice that while we rest, the world continues without our help. It invites us to delight in the world’s beauty and abundance.

Wendell Berry, writer

There are years that ask questions and years that answer.

Nora Zeale Hurston

American writer (1891–1960)

I lift my eyes to the hills –

From where will my help come?

My help comes from the Lord

Who made heaven and earth 

Psalm 121: 1