Pastor Joyce's Message

Friday, May 29, 2020

As some numbers go up, others come down. More than 685,000 persons have been tested for Covid-19 and the positivity rate is only 6%. Gee, I wonder which group I fall into. The numbers of persons on ventilators and in ICUs has fallen but more than 11,400 have died. And I have to wonder, who were they? Did they have families?  

But as the total numbers continue to fall, the numbers of persons seeking some form of relief through unemployment, although lower, reflect the seriousness of the challenge we face as a society. I heard an economist on the radio today saying that one result of Covid-19 should be a new economic society. True, the plagues of the Middle Ages were in part a cause of rising wages and the development a middle class.

Do we need the equivalent of a plague to force us to look at the issue of equality in our society? We have the power to transform our society in light of Covid-19. Let us hope we have the will.

Prayer of the Day

Friday, May 29, 2020

Light of our souls, we come to cast away the                      darkness

     That holds us and contains us in its prison;

More than knowledge of the mind, we seek                        wisdom of the spirit 

     That frees us from our past and moves us into                 the future.

Illumine us with your presence and shape our                       response

    So that we live with the radical equality the                       Gospel preached.

In the name of the One who is your Gospel, 

        Even Christ Jesus our Lord. Amen

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Thoughts for the Day

Friday, May 29, 2020