Pastor Joyce's sermons


July 15, 2018

Let all the earth bless God, Creator and Sustainer of life.

    Let all that grows from the earth, forest and plain, give                        praise. 

Let the rivers and springs and all who dwell therein, sing to God.

    Let the sound of the dolphins and the leviathan resonate with              song.

Let the bellow of frogs and toads join in their praise.

    Let all peoples of the earth praise God by sustaining the                      creation.

In the name of him who gives us life in God,

        Even Christ Jesus our Lord. Amen.



Thoughts for the Week

July 15, 2018

Once you eliminate the impossible, whatever remains, no matter how improbable must be the truth.

Sir Arthur Conan Doyle (1859-1930)



History has not looked kindly on us when we’ve prevented people fleeing violence from seeking refuge in this country.

Bill Foster,

Congressman, Illinois



Our Congregation

Prayer is a way we gain strength from God as we face life's burdens and concerns as well as joys. Please use the e-mail link to have your name, your concerns or your joys added to our prayer list. Prayer requests are confidential, known to God and the pastor. licensed

UCC Global Ministries


 4 Paul Turner – Democratic Republic of                  Congo
11 Maryjane Westra – Honduras
18 Bethany Waggoner – Lebanon
25 Lindley Kinerk – Sri Lanka


ABC International Ministries

Pray for Ann and Bill Clemmer serving Christ by providing health and education ministries to the people of the D.R. Congo and South Sudan.

Ann and Dr. Bill Clemmer currently reside in Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) on the Congo-Rwanda border and work with IM partners Heal Africa and IMA World Health in the town of Goma. Bill works with national health care workers providing medical and counseling services to victims of sexual violence while Ann supports educational and relief services to orphans and vulnerable children. The Clemmers travel regularly to South Sudan to help sustain health and educational ministries they have been involved in since 2010.

We set out for Africa 25 years ago with the intention of working in schools and hospitals: delivering babies, teaching in classrooms, training and discipling the next generation of young doctors and teachers. Today we are attached to neither hospital nor school. In South Sudan we travel through empty villages, witnessing the scorched-earth policy of ethnic-conflicts while endeavoring to provide services to those displaced in camps or settlements. In the Congo we work with those with labels such as survivor, victim, abandoned, or abused. This is not the life’s work we envisioned doing or necessarily trained for. We have learned, however, that fulfillment comes not so much in ‘doing’ … but rather in ‘being’: being present, being touched, being challenged, and in being changed. We are so thankful for these opportunities we have had to be part of a Kingdom-building venture … and see lives healed and hope restored!

Rejoice in hope, be patient in suffering, persevere in prayer.

Rom. 12:12 NRSV