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Prayer is a way we gain strength from God as we face life's burdens and concerns as well as joys. Please use the e-mail link to have your name, your concerns or your joys added to our prayer list. Prayer requests are confidential, known to God and the pastor. 


Used by permission:

I arrived in Thailand in September 1984 for a year of language studies in Bangkok.  One year later, I moved to Maesaiang, a small town in the northern part of the country.  Besides working at Maesariang Christian Hospital, I also led village health clinics and kept learning about the culture.  And it was here that I met Amnuayporn, a Karen minority nurse who became a lifelong friend and colleague.  I loved my work and my life, but the mission hospital was going to close, and so in 1993 I moved to Chiang Mai.  God had been showing me that He had new plans for me.  I had been seeing that there was little understanding of AIDS amongst the ethnic minorities.                         With Amnuayporn and Christians from four ethnic minority groups, we began a ministry called “The Health Project for Tribal People” … and more. 

Read Kim’s entire journal including all the ministries which she began at Reflections and Remembering God's Goodness: A Life Ministry Review | International Ministries . 

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International Ministries, also known as the American Baptist Foreign Mission Society, works cross-culturally to invite people to become disciples of Jesus Christ and to proclaim, through both word and deed, God's reign of justice, peace and abundant life for all creation.

Pray for Kim Brown soon to be retiring from IM after 36 years of serving Christ in Thailand. 

      Kim works with a team of indigenous leaders to manage a multi-faceted response to the needs of tribal peoples: HIV/AIDS prevention education, care for those who are HIV+ (including the House of Love for women and children affected by AIDS), ministry to people with disabilities, youth ministry and education and economic development work among migrants in locations spanning from traditional villages to urban slums. Kim carries out her ministry in relationship with the Thailand Karen Baptist Convention. She is retiring from her missionary service with IM the end of this month – but not from her life of service for Christ. 

     Kim writes - Preparing for my retirement has led to reflecting on the last 36 years.  One activity I had to do at a transition workshop was to write a timeline of my years in Thailand.  This exercise has been a wonderful time to remember and to give thanks for what God has done.  I am ever mindful that your partnership both in prayer and finances made every milestone possible, and so trust that this letter can be a time of rejoicing for you as well. Thank you for being involved in my life and the lives of the ethnic minorities and God’s work here! 

Rejoice in hope, be patient in suffering, persevere in prayer.

Rom. 12:12 NRSV