Pastor Joyce's sermons


November 11, 2018

Torn and jagged, brokenhearted and at times in                   sorrow,

    We come to you, O God, for solace and                           redemption.

Smooth our souls as the rocks of the sea become                 smooth stones,

   Shaping fullness into our nature as comes the                   fullness of love.

Let us reflect the gifts you have given us through                 others

    We hold in memories too beautiful to forget.

So we may be more give us love beyond death,

        Even Christ Jesus our Lord. Amen.


Thoughts for the Week

November 11, 2018


Perhaps someday the sun will shine again, and I shall see that still the skies are blue, and feel once more I do not live in vain although bereft of you.

Vera Brittain,

in memory of

Ronald Aubrey Leighton


War’s wasted era is a desert shore, as knows who passed there, a place.

Elizabeth Daryush,

English poet




You are blind like us. Your hurt no man designed…and in each other’s dearest ways we stand and hiss and hate. And the blind fight the blind.

Charles Hamilton Sorley


Hulluch, France)

Our Congregation

Prayer is a way we gain strength from God as we face life's burdens and concerns as well as joys. Please use the e-mail link to have your name, your concerns or your joys added to our prayer list. Prayer requests are confidential, known to God and the pastor. licensed

UCC Global Ministries


 5 Phyllis Byrd – Kenya 
12 Nishan Bakalian – Lebanon 
19 (Thanksgiving) Anne Gregory –                Thailand
26 (World Aids day 1) Anil Henry –                 India

ABC International Ministries

Pray for Jeni Pedzinski ministering to young ethnic minority (tribal) women who are at risk for, or survivors of, human trafficking, forced labor and sexual abuse in Thailand.

Jeni serves on the leadership team at the New Life Center Foundation (NLCF) in Chiang Mai, Thailand. Established in 1987, the New Life Center serves young ethnic minority (tribal) women who are at risk for, or survivors of, human trafficking, forced labor and sexual abuse. NLCF residents are provided with shelter, education, vocational and life skills training and legal assistance. Special therapeutic activities for survivors include comprehensive art, dance and music therapy and individual counseling. 

With degrees in development and Christian theology, Jeni provides administrative support, Christian discipleship and financial literacy training to NLCF staff and program beneficiaries. In collaboration with the NLCF's senior staff, she writes grants, oversees the monitoring and evaluation of program outcomes and assists with public relations.

Rejoice in hope, be patient in suffering, persevere in prayer.

Rom. 12:12 NRSV