Monday, May 10, 2021

In her book on Christian nationalism The Power Worshippers, Katherine Stewart wrote, “Legitimacy derives not from elations or any democratic process but from representing an alleged fidelity to their version of the American past and what they believe is the will of God.”  As a result, overthrowing an election that they believe controverted the will of God would be patriotic.

They distort both the Gospel and history in their reading of the “city on a hill” phrase in John Winthrop’s 1630 sermon just before the Puritans left to settle Boston.  The rise of Christian nationalism also distorts the heart of the Bill of Rights which guarantees both the separation of church and state as well as the free exercise of religion.

Our faith calls for not just tolerance of other faith systems but also of the acceptance of their members into our multiethnic and multi-religious society.  No one has a corner on the truth; no one religion has a corner on God.

Prayer for the Day

Surround us, ever present and loving Spirit, with your word

    For when all else fails, your word is constant in our lives;

Although evil may be present in the world, we have faith

    That your love will be triumphant and justice will reign.

Enable us, we pray, to overcome evil with good

     And empower us to bring your vision of peace to the world.

In the name of him who shares your peace with us

     Even Christ Jesus our Lord, Amen

Thoughts for the Day

It's a universal law-- intolerance is the first sign of an inadequate education. An ill-educated person behaves with arrogant impatience, whereas truly profound education breeds humility.

                        Alexander Solzhenitsyn, Soviet dissident (1918-2008)

History could be milked for this cause or that. We observed it always with hindsight, projecting onto it our modern convictions and anxieties.

                        Leila Aboulela, Egyptian-Scottish novelist, from The Kindness of Enemies

Wisdom is a fountain of life to one who has it, but folly is the punishment of fools.

   The wise makes their speech judicious, and adds persuasiveness to their lips.

Pleasant words are like a honeycomb, sweetness to the soul and health to the body.

                        Proverbs 16: 22-24