Sunday, July 31, 2022

“So it is with those who store up treasures for themselves.”  Jesus statement at the end of his parable about the rich man building larger barns brought to mind Bishop Lamar Whitehead, who was robbed at gunpoint during a Sunday sermon last week.


Upset that the thieves had taken his $200,000 – yes, that’s right – $200,000 gold chain and his $75,000 watch along with other items of jewelry from him and his wife worth about a cool million, he has asked the City of New York to permit him to carry a gun in church.  Shades of Texas!


This is the same “pastor” who convinced one of his flock at the Leaders of Tomorrow International Churches to sign over her entire life savings of $90,000 promising her that he would help her buy a house but then used the money to fund his failed attempt to be the Brooklyn borough president. He should heed the words of Jesus rather than his own desire for flash and wealth.


Prayer for the Day


God!  We cry out, Save us from the false prophets among us,
   Those who worry more about possessions than the Gospel;
You call us to give to the poor, not take from them,
   But many leaders, religious and political, do the opposite.
Do not bring us to judgment, we pray, for we fear
   Our words do not reflect how we really live.
In the name of the One who shares with the poor,
   Even Christ Jesus our Lord, Amen.


Thoughts for the Day


He that is of the opinion that money will do everything may well be suspected of doing everything for money.
     - Benjamin Franklin, writer, patriot (1706-1790)


The prosperity gospel popularized a Christian explanation for why some people make it and some do not. They revolutionized prayer as an instrument for getting God always to say “yes.” It offers people a guarantee.
     - Kate Bowler, historian, Duke Divinity School, author of Blessed


The lover of money will not be satisfied with money; nor the lover of wealth, with gain.
    Ecclesiastes 5: 10